We give you a selection of high range teas, all coming from the prefecture of Kagoshima.

Vitalitea is born in the idea of his creator to link the love of the Japanese tea, with the desire to make access possible for everybody in skilled teas.

Why Japan? Because today the industry of the Japanese tea is dying. The small producers disappear slowly to leave place in the biggest. Unfortunately this know-how would also disparait with these planters putting the key under the door.

Some figures:

  • In 1980, there were another 220000 tea plantations in Japan
  • In 2015, they were no more than 20000.

That is why Vitalitea promises to choose the teas only to plantations of family size, by working closely with a local co-operative, based in Kagoshima.

We participate then in a responsible trade, where everybody is winning. The planters have the possibility of exporting their teas, of continuing making exist this sector extremely rich in history and in techniques, and our clients have access to some tea of high quality.

Join us in this adventure full of scents and aromas, you are waited!